• In v2.28.5 a scrollerComplete event is now triggered on the table once the scroller has completed rendering.
  • In v2.22.2,
    • Add support for multiple tbodies in fixed columns:
      • *WARN* colspans within information only tbodies are still problematic!
      • If a colspan is to be used with fixed columns, then split it so that the colspan splits at the edge of fixed column; please see this comment for more details & a demo.
    • The horizontal scrollbar no longer appears under the fixed column:
      • There is now a gap visible below the content when scrolled to the bottom.
      • This gap is filled by a div and can be styled by targeting the tablesorter-scroller-bar-spacer class name. See the css code block for an example.
    • Removed:
      • The automatic setting of the widthFixed option to true.
      • Extra colgroup which were copied into each table clone.
      • Extra hidden elements in the fixed column.
    • Updated RTL (right-to-left) support:
      • Changed the default class from tablesorter-scroller-rtl to ts-scroller-rtl, which is added to the table element to indicate where the fixed column is placed.
      • RTL support does require the direction: rtl css setting to be applied to the table wrapper.
    • Fixed slow mousewheel scrolling when a fixed column is active in Firefox & older versions of Internet Explorer.
    • Fixed filtering of table content causing the fixed column to misalign; especially when few to no results are found.
    • Added compatibility to the following widgets:
      • pager
      • columnSelector
    • Thanks to TheSin- for all the work he put into updating this widget... he really didn't like that scrollbar under the fixed column LOL.

Older Notes

  • In v2.22.0,
    • Horizontal scrollbar now only appears on overflow.
    • border-box is now applied to all tables with scroller widget applied.
    • Fixed columns no longer have pointer events disabled.
    • Fixed column vertical scrollbar is now hidden in IE9 & older.
    • Fixed tabbing through fixed column header cells & inputs.
    • The "setFixedColumnSize" can now be called with no set size to refresh the fixed column.
    • Add scroller_addFixedOverlay option which when true, adds an overlay on the fixed columns for styling.
    • Refresh column sizes after update.
  • In v2.21.3
    • * NOTE * Prior to v2.21.3, this widget would work with jQuery v1.4.4+, now it requires jQuery v1.7+.
    • The scroller widget was almost completely rewritten! The functionality is the same, but it now allows the adding of fixed columns!
    • Added scroller_fixedColumns which allows setting the number of fixed columns to add to the scroller (see options section for more details).
    • Added scroller_rowHighlight which adds a hover highlight class name to the row in both the fixed column and main table (see options section for more details).
    • Note:
      • Yes, there are some alignment & padding issues when using the jQuery UI theme with a fixed column, I'll look into resolving this; all other themes are nearly pixel perfect.
      • The fixed column widget includes extra css to prevent tbody cell content from wrapping (see the css code below); it was for demo purposes only, it is not a requirement.
      • This update does not include optimizations to allow this widget to work with very large tables; so please be conscious of this fact.
      • A lot of Firefox tweaks were needed to make it work! I need to investigate why the mousewheel scrolling is so slow (at least in Firefox for Windows) when a fixed column is included.
      • There were lots of other tweaks to the core and other widgets (e.g. zebra & filter widgets) to get these changes to work seamlessly, so please make sure to update everything!
  • In v2.21.1, columns now line up, especially while scrolling horizontally. It may not be pixel perfect, but it looks pretty good if table css "box-sizing" is set to "border-box".
  • In v2.21.0
    • This widget was updated to include the tfoot rows.
    • To maintain the column widths across all copied tables:
      • The widthFixed options is now forcibly set to true; I apologize if this causes any inconvience.
      • This option adds a <colgroup> containing percentage width <col> elements to each section of the scroller.
      • If this option does cause issues, use css to set each column width as a percentage.
  • In v2.17+
    • The scroller widget will now work properly with predefined column widths.
    • Shrinking the browser window will now hide the header overflow.
    • Horizontal scrolling of the table body will now properly horizontally scroll the header.
    • Changed the default scroll bar width from 17 to 18.
    • Added scroller_upAfterSort option.
  • This widget can not be applied to the original plugin and requires jQuery version 1.7+ to function properly; if you need to make it work with older versions of jQuery and the plugin, please use this version of the widget.
  • This widget was originally written by Connell & Associates, Inc. and is dual-licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. It has been modified to work with tablesorter version 2.9+.


The scroller widget is known to be currently incompatible with these widgets (there may be more):
  • Editable
  • Math
  • Reorder
  • Resizable
  • StickyHeaders
There is partial compatibility with these widgets:


Scroller widget defaults (added inside of tablesorter widgetOptions)

TIP! Click on the link in the function column to reveal full details (or toggle|show|hide all) or double click to update the browser location.
300 Set the height of the scroll window in pixels (v2.25.5)

As of v2.25.5, setting this option to an empty string or zero will make the scroller full height.
null Set the width of the scroll bar in pixels (v2.19.0)

As of v2.19.0, this option's default was changed to null because internal code was added to detect the scroll bar width which changes dramatically depending on the browser window zoom level.

If you are using a custom scroll bar plugin, this option will still accept a scroll bar width value which overrides the scroll bar width auto-detection.
true When true, the scroller automatically scrolls the inner window back to the top after sorting.

Set this option to false to prevent this behaviour, or to stop the window from scrolling after interacting with a table cell (e.g. clicking on a checkbox); new in v2.17.3
true Bring the header into view while scrolling.

When true, this option makes the table header jump into view when the table body is not scrolled to the top and while scrolling up the page. It's not perfect, but it works. Disable it as desired.

* To see the difference, toggle the button in the demo below, then scroll down & up the page using a mouse wheel with the cursor at the horizontal center of the page and about 100 pixels from the top, so the cursor is within the table body.

0 This allows setting the number of fixed columns to add to the scroller (v2.21.3; v2.22.2).

If the content is set a RTL direction, add a class name of ts-scroller-rtl (name set in $.tablesorter.css.scrollerRtl) to the table to align the fixed header on the right.

default value changed in v2.22.2 because tablesorter is set up to assume a theme name has already been added to the table when it encounters a class name starting with tablesorter-; if the original tablesorter-scroller-rtl class were added, the theme option setting would be ignored (because a theme named scroller-rtl is already set), and would require the developer to add the class name to the table (e.g. tablesorter-blue).

To change this method internally would require a breaking change where all css files would need to be updated and all theme classes would start with tablesorter-theme-; this will be planned for the Abelt update.

false Setting this to true will add a fixed overlay which can be used for styling (v2.22.0).

A class name of "tablesorter-scroller-fixed-panel" is added to the overlay.

Here is are two examples:

Semi-transparent overlay*

div.tablesorter-scroller-fixed-panel {
  background-color: rgba( 0, 0, 0, 0.4);
  z-index: 2;
  opacity: 0.15;
  margin-top: 10px;
  margin-bottom: 15px;

Black border*

div.tablesorter-scroller-fixed-panel {
  margin-top: 10px;
  margin-bottom: 15px;
  border-right: 2px solid black;

* Demos by TheSin- from issue 887.

*WARNING* interacting with elements under this overlay requires that the browser supports pointer-events.

*NOTE* Personally, I would not recommend setting this option to true because of the interference from the overlay - the following css will add a border to the fixed column using css3 :after to acheive the same effect.

/* add border to right side (LTR pages) of fixed column */
.tablesorter-scroller-fixed:after {
  content: '';
  border-right: 2px solid black;
  width: 2px;
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  z-index: 2;
  /* change this to zero for non-jquery ui themes; and use "left" here for RTL pages */
  right: -1px;
  /* match the margins set to the table to keep the border the same height as the table */
  margin: 10px 0 15px;
"hover" Set this to a class name to use when hovering over a fixed column row (v2.21.3).

This option adds a hover highlight class name to the hovered row in both the fixed column and main table to ensure the hover highlight shows up in both areas.

If this highlighting causes unnecessary lag, it can be disabled by setting this option to an empty string.

All current themes have been updated to use this class name for row highlighting; adjust any custom themes as necessary.

Deprecated/Removed Options
"s_" This option contains a prefix string which is added to a random number (Removed).

This option was been completely removed in v2.18.0 as the id is now obtained from the unique namespace.


Change Fixed Column Size Dynamically

Set the number of fixed columns on any table with a scroller widget applied as follows:
$( 'table' ).trigger( 'setFixedColumnSize', size );

Where size is a value between zero and one less than the total number of columns.

If size is:
  • A non-integer, it will be rounded down.
  • Zero or less, no fixed columns will be applied.
  • Undefined, the current number of fixed columns will be refreshed.



A scrollerComplete event (added v2.28.5) is triggered on the table after the scroller widget has completed updating (including frozen columns). This event is triggered after an updateComplete event as the widget binds to that event to update the table.
$( 'table' ).on( 'scrollerComplete', function() {
  // do something
} );

RTL Support

Two things are required to get the fixed column properly aligned on the right side:
  1. A class of ts-scroller-rtl must be added to the table
    <table class="ts-scroller-rtl">...</table>
    the reason for the weird naming ts instead of tablesorter is because with a class name of tablesorter-scroller-rtl, the code will think you're trying to add a theme named scroller-rtl.

    If you want to change this class name, use the following code before the document ready function:

    $.tablesorter.css.scrollerRtl = "ts-scroller-rtl";
  2. Whatever element is wrapping the table needs to be set with the css direction:rtl. So if your entire page (body is set, that will work just fine. If you only want the table to be set as rtl, then set this css on the scroller's wrapper:
    .tablesorter-scroller { direction: rtl; }
Here is a jsFiddle demo.






Fixed columns | Full-width | Half-width

Choose Theme:

scroller_jumpToHeader : true (see the note above)*
scroller_upAfterSort : true

Fixed Column Demo
(Shrink the browser window if the horizontal scrollbar is not visible)

Set number of fixed columns: 2

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Full-width demo

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Half-width demo

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Account #First NameLast NameAgeTotalDiscountDiff