• As of v2.18.0,
    • An external input data-column can now target multiple columns:
      • When designating a column for an external input, you can now set multiple columns and/or a range of columns (e.g. data-column="0-2,4,6-7".
      • This type of search acts essentially the same as when the column is set to "all" in that "range", "notMatch" and "operators" searches are ignored.
      • The last search performed using either multiple columns or "all" columns will override all other queries; meaning the other inputs won't clear or update (e.g. performing a search for "foo" in an "all" column search input will override any previous searchs, and the input with a data-column="0-2,4,6-7" will not change its value) - this might be confusing to the user if multiple inputs are visible on the page (placeholder text won't help).
      • The selector in the demo below has two additional options: "Columns 0,3" and "Columns 1-2"; as you can see, switching the column to search between "all", "0,3" and "1-2" does not change the query.
  • As of v2.15,
    • A new filter widget filter_external option has been added that essentially does the same thing as the $.tablesorter.bindSearch function.
    • Use either to bind external search inputs.
    • To change an input from searching one column (or all columns) to search any other column, call the $.tablesorter.bindSearch function to update the external inputs, even if the inputs are set using the filter_external option. Pass an additional false flag as the last parameter to force the inputs to update.
      $.tablesorter.bindSearch( $('table'), $('.search'), false );
    • This demo shows how to use multiple external search filters to filter the table, and how to make one input dynamically change to filter any or all columns.
  • The $.tablesorter.filter.bindSearch function allows binding multiple external search filters
  • The advantage of using this function over your own is:
    • Inputs behave the same as internal filters; searches adhere to the filter_liveSearch and filter_searchDelay options.
    • When pressing the Esc key, the filter resets.
  • Include a data-column="#" attribute to specify to which column the search should apply; or data-column="all" to search all columns.


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