The reason for this issue is that the filter input in the index column has this setting: data-column="0-1", and it has not yet been worked out how to properly target that input.
It is still being investigated as to why the search using the button targeting column 6 and the "all" input have different results (Enter "4" in the input and 4 rows will appear in the result, then click on the "4" to search both index columns - one less row).

Index (colspan 2) Products
Product ID Numeric Animals Url
Index Product ID Numeric Animals Url
Group 16abc 9155Lion
Group 41abc 1237Ox
Group 12zyx 1 957 Koala
Group 05abc 256Elephant
Group 30abc 12317 Koala
Group 28zyx 910Girafee
Group 13zyx 4 767Bison
Group 24abc 113Chimp
Group 47ABC 10 87Zebra
Group 39zyx 120Koala