The reason for this issue is that the filter input in the index column has this setting: data-column="0-1", and it has not yet been worked out how to properly target that input.
It is still being investigated as to why the search using the button targeting column 6 and the "all" input have different results (Enter "4" in the input and 4 rows will appear in the result, then click on the "4" to search both index columns - one less row).

This entire row is ignored
Index (colspan 2) Products
Product ID Numeric Animals Url
This entire row is ignored too!
Index Product ID Numeric Animals Url
Group 16abc 9155Lion
Group 41abc 1237Ox
Group 12zyx 1 957 Koala
Group 05abc 256Elephant
Group 30abc 12317 Koala
Group 28zyx 910Girafee
Group 13zyx 4 767Bison
Group 24abc 113Chimp
Group 47ABC 10 87Zebra
Group 39zyx 120Koala