ImageHighlighter v1.01

This plugin was inspired by the GalleryView plugin. I've left the original image and descriptions from that site below as well as an additional example. For more details visit my blog.

Anatomy of a Gallery

Mouseover the links below to view the various elements that make up GalleryView. Double click to enable edit mode using the jCrop plugin.

The GalleryView plugin layout consists of the panelAll your content lives here. Use an image for photo galleries, HTML for text content. Use iframes or AJAX to view content from other pages or websites. which contains the content. Partially covering this content is an overlayAn optional element that lets you give a little more information about the content in each panel. Overlays can be placed at the top or bottom of your panels where you can add descriptions. The filmstripThumbnails for all your panels are displayed here. Extra frames are displayed as the gallery moves from panel to panel. The filmstrip can reside at the top or bottom of the gallery portion contains some of the other framesThe filmstrip consists of frames, each containing a small image representing the corresponding panel. you can view by just clicking on it. Of course each frame has a captionOptional element to give users a title for each frame. If enabled, captions are populated from each images "title" attribute. containing the title of the frame.


Mouseover the links below to view the various elements that make up the Irfan window. Double click to enable standard edit mode.

  • Header

    This is the Window Header

  • Menu Bar

    This is the Menu Bar, click on any of the words to open a menu

  • Toolbar

    This is the Toolbar. The most used options from the menu are usually placed here

  • Avatar

    The avatar I always use :P

  • Status

    This is the status bar that shows useful information